Skin | Basic Organic Thong

Skin | Basic Organic Thong

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  • 100 % Organic Pima Jersey
  • Easy relaxed fit
  • Low rise

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Skin Organic Thong

You’ll save on the perfect Skin Organic thong online at Ranch Stores. Skin’s 100% organic Pima jersey thong is a must-have for your wardrobe, with a natural, relaxed fit and low rise for all-day comfort you’ll appreciate. If you’re shopping for a thong but are uncertain which one is right for your clothing collection, you’ll find Skin thongs offer superior wearability compared with competing brands.

Why Choose a Thong?

Worn under skinny jeans or white pants, a thong can eliminate unwanted panty lines. There are a lot of thongs on the market however, many are made from inferior materials that rub and irritate sensitive skin. Skin’s ultra-soft Pima cotton thongs are ideal for wear under any type of jeans, pants, dresses, or skirts. Consider a few of the added benefits of wearing the right thong:

  • With so little fabric, the right thong can be a very comfortable garment
  • Wearing a sexy undergarment makes you feel more attractive
  • Men agree- a thong is a huge turn on
  • A thong will not bunch up under jeans or tight-fitting pants
  • Thongs are a great space saver in the dresser

Choosing the right Skin Organic Thong

Let’s face it, all thongs are not created equal. If it’s your first time shopping for a thong, there are a few things you should consider while choosing one. Start with a few basic rules:

  1. Choose the same size as other panties you currently wear. Many women become confused about thongs, thinking that there is some mystery regarding their size- but they are sized precisely like other panties.
  2. Start with two or three pairs instead of filling your dresser with your first purchase.
  3. Select a garment made from the softest cotton you can find- like Skin Organic Thong, made from Pima cotton.
  4. Avoid purchasing a thong with lace trimmings or fabric attachments- this is one time you don’t want more fabric than is necessary.
  5. Stick with a primary color, like white, black, or nude.
  6. Look for a low rise thong that won’t allow a ‘panty-peek with low rise jeans.

Why Skin Organic Thong For Your Wardrobe?

Skin garments are the most comfortable under and outerwear you can find. 100% organic Pima jersey thongs are as soft as your favorite jersey T-shirt, designed to eliminate panty lines and feel as comfortable as if you had nothing on under your jeans- however, we know that’s not always the best idea. Pair Skin’s organic thong with oh-so-soft and comfy loungewear for all-day relaxation and comfort and you have a winning combination.

Skin’s thongs are currently discounted by 20%, with limited time free shipping. Earn reward points with every thong you purchase and use your accumulated points to save on your next order on Ranch Stores. You’re going to love the way you look and feel in weightless, soft cotton thongs made by the biggest name in loungewear. Skin designers have your body’s curves in mind.