No Nationality | Levon 5969
No Nationality | Levon 5969
No Nationality | Levon 5969
No Nationality | Levon 5969
No Nationality

No Nationality | Levon 5969

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A button-down shirt featuring a slim-cut silhouette crafted in a lustrous garment-dyed TENCEL™ Lyocell fabric. TENCEL™ is a closed-loop alternative that is derived from wood pulp, in production 99% of the solvent and wastewater is recycled and reused.

- Regular fit

- Garment dyed

Made in Turkey


100% Lyocell



  • Washing at 30 degrees instead of 40 will save around 40% energy in a year. Use a laundry bag for fine materials such as silk, viscose, wool, and TENCEL. Air out your clothes. You don’t need to wash your clothes after wearing them just once. Hanging the clothes outside to air is often enough to regain a fresh feeling.
  • Only iron or steam when necessary. Immediately remove clothes from the washing machine and hang-dry them to minimize creases. Hang your dried laundry in the bathroom while you shower – the steam can help smooth out creases.
  • Hang-drying your clothes will help them stay in shape, last longer, and saves up to a third of its carbon footprint compared to using a dryer. Only tumble dry when absolutely necessary. If you do use a tumble dryer, remove the clothes when they are dry and do not ‘overdry’.

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